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Our office caters to foreigners seeking to work in the US.  The following is an overview of the key issues related to obtaining an E-2 Visa in a step-by-step format.  Going through this exercise will help you determine if an E-2 Visa is right for you.  Are you already present in the United States? If you are currently in the READ FULL POST


This is a continuation of our series on employment visas.  (See H1-B and E-2 articles)  The L-1 program is based on an intracompany transfer and has been very popular because it provides a cost-effective means of gaining both resident status and permission to work. Checklist: Are you a manager, executive or an employee with “specialized knowledge? Have you been working READ FULL POST

Immigration: PERM Application Denied. What now?

The purpose of this article is to outline the options available when labor certification has been denied and briefly describe the relevant processes.

IMMIGRATION: TN-1 Visa Renewals

TN visa holders may renew their status indefinitely if they continue to meet the relevant conditions.

IMIGRAÇÃO: Investidores do Tratado E-2

A classificação como não imigrante E-2 permite que um cidadão de um país com o qual os Estados Unidos mantenham tratado (vide anexo) viva e trabalhe nos Estados Unidos quando investir uma “quantia substancial” de capital em um negócio nos Estados Unidos. Determinados funcionários de uma empresa qualificada também podem ser elegíveis para um visto E-2.


Are you a foreignor already working in the US?  Are you now interested in remaining in the US on a permanent basis?  Or, are you a US employer looking to keep a foreign worker permanently?  Here is how you do it. Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) is the system set up by the USCIS for obtaining what is called “labor certification.”  Labor certification READ FULL POST


The focus last week (E-2 Step by Step) was on helping you determine if the E-2 program is right for you.  Once you have decided you are going for an E-2 visa, this article will help you make it happen.    UNDERSTANDING E-2 REQUIREMENTS Below are some key requirements for obtaining an E-2 Visa. For each requirement, we provide tips and READ FULL POST


This article is a continuation of the H-1B overview provided in our previous discussion, which you can access here.  Now that you have a general concept of the H-1B, we will turn to some of the specific features of the program.   Your Employer First of all, realize the H-1B visa must be petitioned (i) by  a particular employer, (ii) offering a particular READ FULL POST


The H-1B program is designed for employers looking to recruit key workers from outside the US, and it provides foreign workers with a cost-efficient way to work legally in the US.

IMMIGRATION: Blanket L-1 Program for Multi-National Companies

Multinational companies can usually qualify for the Blanket L-1 program, which greatly facilitates the transfer of employees to the US.