REAL ESTATE: Closings & Investor Representation

HLA has seen its clients through the real estate crisis, and now we are back to work doing closings, representing buyers/sellers, and counseling foreign investors.

The real estate markets in Florida and California have fully recovered and we are back to helping buyers and sellers through their transactions. As litigators, we do represent clients involved in real estate disputes. However, most of our real estate practice is focused on closings. As always, our niche is representation of international investors.

HLA Land & Title – Real Estate Closings

The real estate market is once again very active, and HLA rounds out its real estate practice by adding closings to its repertoire.  In Florida, you are not required by law to have an attorney do your closings, but it is a good idea for several reasons. Easy Access to your Attorney First and foremost, having a title agent who is


With the real estate market on the rise, the business models that worked before the bubble burst are back. Get advice from an experienced real estate attorney knowledgeable about tax implications and asset protection associated with real estate investment.