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FORECLOSURE DEFENSE: Bank Reduces Principal to Avoid Exposure

We are still waiting for the day a judge or government official orders a bank to write down a home loan.  It may never happen.  However, there may be other ways to get the same result through foreclosure defense.  In this case,[1] the bank voluntarily came out of pocket to pay down our client´s home loan.  Here is how it READ FULL POST


this article describes a foreclosure affirmative defense based upon the bank’s failure to provide a timely, valid notice of default.

FORECLOSURE LAW: Taboo of Stripping a Mortgage through Quiet Title

Our law firm is one over a dozen foreclosure cases. So, now what? Is it possible to get the property free and clear up the mortgage?


Taxation of Canceled Debt: Foreclosure Backlash

So, you’re having trouble keeping your head above water with the mortgage payments on your home. You start to slip behind and find that your home is now being foreclosed. What’s next? You can now expect a Form 1099-C from your bank or lender stating that they are forgiving a portion of your debt that remains unpaid. Great news, right? READ FULL POST

Harrington Law Takes on City Hall

Business attorney, Jeff Harrington, represents local business owner in dispute with City Hall..

PALM BEACH POST: HLA Forces Lender to Modify Homeloan

Harrington law persuades judge to force lender to modify loan.

Major lenders reached a settlement with the Attorney Generals

Channel 12 Interview: Jeff Harrington re Digital Domain

Channel 12 gets perspective of local business attorney, Jeffrey Harrington, on Digital Domain’s unexpected bankruptcy filing in Palm Beach County.

HLA affiliates with Madrid law firm Palaez & Zaforteza

Madrid, XX nov (EFE).- El exfiscal de la Audiencia Nacional Ignacio Peláez y el exmagistrado Mariano Zaforteza, que representan a conocidos empresarios y personalidades en asuntos civiles y penales, se han unido para crear un despacho de abogados centrado en el asesoramiento a empresas. En declaraciones a Efe, Peláez y Zaforteza explicaron que la idea de la alianza surgió hace READ FULL POST

Channel 5 Interview: Attorney Jeff Harrington

Channel 5 interviews Jeff Harrington regarding real estate law.