Why Hire Us

There are a few things that set our firm apart from the rest.

Our mission is to provide big law firm service and sophistication without the high fees.  We do not cater to people or companies looking for mediocre service at the cheapest possible price.  We are not the best choice for that client.

On the other hand, we are an excellent alternative for clients seeking top quality legal work without the strangling fee structure of large law firms.  If you are looking to lighten your budget but absolutely cannot afford a dip in professionalism or experience, then consider HLA.


As you know, the world is not getting any bigger.  If you are not already thinking globally, you probably should be.  HLA has all the tools to service clients with existing international interests as well as help clients expand to the next level.


In recent times, it has become especially important to see new angles and innovate new strategies.  This ability is the probably the firm’s greatest virtue—hence our slogan “Find the way or make a new one.”